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Strategic financial advice


Board and/or Owners support

KEY PROJECTS: assessment of feasibility and effectiveness of development projects (M&A, investment projects)
DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY: strategy formulation and implementation, including independent feasibility assessment
MANAGEMENT: strategic financial and corporate management, including to improve profitability
EFFICIENCY: ongoing analysis of financial and business performance (including liquidity, current assets, balance sheet structure)
SOURCES OF FINANCING: analysis of the potential for financing (debt and equity), including strategic projects
BANKS: negotiating optimization of terms / structure and "difficult situations" (waiver, standstill)


The services of a strategic or financial advisor to the Board of Directors are usually provided under one of four models:

Board Advisor or Owners (Board Advisor)
Outsourcing of services of the Chief Financial Officer (Interim CFO)
Strategic support for the CFO (Interim Vice-CFO)
Strategic support for the owners (Non-executive committee)

We offer our services mainly to large companies and capital groups (Board Advisor, Non-Executive Director) and SMEs (Owners’ Consultant, External CFO), that need strategic support in selected financial and strategic areas or do not have their own CFO.

In particular, many medium-sized family businesses base their financial management solely on the functions of the Chief Accountant, without separate responsibility for strategic financial management and financial planning functions.

In this situation, hiring an external advisor or CFO is usually more cost-effective in practice and allows for a flexible adjustment of the remuneration to the scope of the expected work.

The above services are also provided in a project-based form, focused on specific, agreed upon strategic or financial projects carried out for the Management Board.

We provide services in the form of projects (transactional consulting and analytical projects) and in the form of permanent or ongoing support for the Management Board (Management Board Advisor, Interim CFO, Interim Vice-CFO, Non-executive director), depending on the specificity of the project and the needs and preferences of our clients => see: Cooperation models.