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EU grants

Main areas of services

For companies in the SME segment we provide support services in the comprehensive (financial and legal) handling of EU aid programmes, in particular in the area of obtaining and accounting for grants awarded to EU beneficiaries.

We have extensive experience within:

EU Budget Perspective 2007-2013: Operational Programme Innovative Economy; Measure 4.4 New investments with high innovative potential.
EU budgetary perspective 2014-2020: Operational Programme Smart Growth; Measure 3.2 "Support for the implementation of the results of R&D works" Sub-measure 3.2.1 "Research for the market"

We are currently focusing on grants related to investments for which the value of eligible costs of a given project is not less than PLN 20 million, under the following aid instruments:

EU budget perspective 2021-2027 (coming soon)
Instruments with the National Economy Bank, NCBiR and other national and regional programmes

Examples of service areas

Preparation of complex grant applications
Preparation of procedures and instructions for project implementation taking into account the requirements for the project implementation co-financed under the Programme
Assisting expert panels during the evaluation of a grant application
Preparation of procedures and documentation related to the selection of supplier(s) (tender requests; etc.) as well as legal support in concluding individual agreements with suppliers
Participation and supervision over the correct preparation of all documents, payment applications, periodic reports and reports required by the Implementing Authority / 2nd Level Intermediate Body and control bodies
Introduction of changes to the material and financial schedule / project budget, payment schedule on the basis of the binding provisions included in the call documentation, agreement for project financing , Programme documents.
Supervision over correctness of indicators evaluation process assumed in the project - in order to obtain the final settlement protocol (until project settlement)
Preparation of payment applications in order to settle the subsidy on the basis of delivered documents
Coordination of the project settlement process
Carrying out the procedure necessary for the settlement of the grant awarded
Participation in scheduled project inspections.

We provide services in the form of projects (transactional consulting and analytical projects) and in the form of permanent or ongoing support for the Management Board (Management Board Advisor, Interim CFO, Interim Vice-CFO, Non-executive director), depending on the specificity of the project and the needs and preferences of our clients => see: Cooperation models.